Monday, March 29, 2010

Notions from Northern Nevada

Yeah, so there I was... or am, rather. In Northern Nevada. A beautiful place full of not-so-beautiful people. The climate leathers people here, but that's not why they're not-so-beautiful. Attitudes here are just kinda blah. You know those bumper stickers that read "Mean People Suck?" There's a lot of that around here. A lot of Mormons, too. I'm not making a correlation, I'm just mentioning that for posterity's sake.

Anyway, my travels are proceeding fairly smoothly. Spent about a week in Texas. Never had a chance to make it down to Austin, but I will be there at some point. Texas is another one of those places that I love to hate and I hate to love. Dallas, even more so than San Diego, is my favorite city to party in. And I'm not a huge partier. I just love the atmosphere in Dallas.

Drove through a snowstorm in New Mexico and another in Nevada. Gotta love desert snowstorms. I know I do. I just hate desert slush after it all melts. Screws up the back roads, which I drive a lot in search of large expanses of land for the three dogs to go running in. Did I mention I blew a tire between Dallas and Amarillo? Yeah, it knocked over the cat litter box in the bed of the truck, which mixed with the water bowls I set out for the pets, which formed this weird sort of quasi-cement paste that got all over my German Shepherd's coat. I still haven't cleaned it out yet. I'll get on that.

Now I'm in limbo. The plan was to head to Seattle as soon as possible, but between a scheduling conflict and a possible gig back in Las Vegas I'm forced to wait where I am. Not that it's a bad thing. Got family here. Got tons of friends here. I just miss the ocean. I suppose the mountains make up for that a bit. I really should head up to Lake Tahoe while I'm here. That's one of the most beautiful places in the country, if you're unfamiliar. Fallen Leaf Lake is gorgeous (I think that's what it's called... been a while)(yep, just Googled it... Fallen Leaf Lake)(is "Googled" supposed to be capitalized?).

So here I am... or there I was. I really need to quit rambling and start writing something decent again. I must apologize for the general lack of quality these past couple of weeks, but whenever I get a chance to write it's usually very brief and forces some really quick and shallow "just type, dammit" exercises.

I'll work on that. In the meantime... eat me.


  1. Write however you want, whenever you want. I'll still keep reading!! :)

  2. "Mean People Suck" sounds like a very lame excuse for a bumper sticker :P
    I love mountains! I'm lucky to live in a town where I have hills and the seaside. Fallen Leaf Lake (I also Googled it) looks gorgeous too.

  3. don't wanna look at pictures of mountains and lakes...i live on a flat drained swamp in the middle of ten billion cornfields and it's back to work at 5. But driving around in a truck full of animals sounds like some kind of twisted Steinbeck travelogue....there's your great American novel.

  4. Was wondering if you where taking the low road (20), the high road (80) or the middle road (Buddah), sounds like you are jumping around.
    I always feel landlocked in the middle of the country, kind of as though all he air has been used already... I understand what you mean. -J

  5. Well, at least this was better writing...

  6. Glad you are still in one piece after your journey. At least so far.

  7. Not hungry, Jeff!

    But this made me laugh:
    "A lot of Mormons, too. I'm not making a correlation, I'm just mentioning that for posterity's sake." You crack me up :).

  8. Sounds like a good adventure. I used to have a 'mean people suck' t-shirt. Life is a highway...enjoy the ride : )

  9. A few rambles on our rambling:

    Texas (not its people, but its essence of place) has attitude. I love that.

    Snowstorms on the beach are awesome too. They turn the surf line into a sort of "slushy" for Mother Nature.

    Finally, I for one like this kind of post. It's fun seeing beyond the prose to the person behind it.

  10. Write about your road trip. I travel vicariously so it doesn't matter about the quality of the prose to me I like to learn about the place and the people. Lake Tahoe sounds like a brilliant excursion. Watch out for those Mormons they'll have you in a suit and tie carrying the two-columned book in no time!

  11. I don't understand bloggers who say things like "sorry this post is boring" or "sorry this is not up to my Usual High Standard" or "I can't believe I am posting something so inane" or "I have nothing interesting to say, but..." So? It's your freaking blog. Post whatever you want and if you don't think it's "worthy" of you, don't post it. But spare me the deprecating bit.

    (Sorry, this has been coming on for a while and you just got the last-straw reaction. It's not you, it's me.)

  12. @Megan - I think it's a good point.

    @Jeff - Go to Tahoe and take a few pictures. I love Tahoe. Maybe post some pictures instead of writing.

  13. GAH! Sorry, all. I should not comment after 4 cups of coffee, no breakfast, when my boss is driving me up the wall.

    Apologies, Jeff. I took out my irritation on you and I should not have!!!!

  14. Sounds sort of fascinating anyway, better than having air in the tyres and no place to go...I hope you get that muck out of the truck and your dog's coat...

    As for "eating you," well...