Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Notes On the 82nd Oscars

Yes, I should have posted this on Monday (when it was written), back when everybody actually cared. But I didn't. And, lo, you're stuck reading ramblings about the 82nd Academy Awards a few days after they mattered. Or you've already quit reading by this point, and aren't stuck at all.

Unlike most of the press, I personally think the opening number to the 82nd Academy Awards was lame. Since when do the Oscars have to riff on the Emmys? Neil Patrick Harris was a delight hosting last year's television awards, but he was off... way off... at the Oscars. Seemed overly nervous, too.

Question: If Best Picture goes to the producers, how come Best Animated Film goes to the directors?

Advice to Miley Cyrus: Pick better dresses and learn to stand up straight. You look like Lurch.

Crazy Heart won Best Music (Original Song). Even with the presence of Disney's obligatory nominations, this one was really no contest. In fact, out of all the categories, this was the only no-brainer.

Experimenting with a return to ten Best Picture nominations was both a success and a failure. It was a success in that it undoubtedly provided much-needed exposure to films that would not have otherwise garnered that exposure (and allowed Up to be nominated!), but it was a failure in that it provided nothing to help the telecast's ratings. Sure, you'll point out the overnights, but wait a few years. Ratings will drop. Again.

Gotta love that Kanye-moment for the winner of Best Documentary Short. It's even better if you know that the two recipients are suing each other.

So... The Hurt Locker: 6; Avatar: 3. Something tells me this will go over like Gandhi winning over E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.

Best acceptance speech: Sandra Bullock. A close second was Geoffrey Fletcher (Adapted Screenplay).

Can someone tell me what the Hell was wrong with George Clooney?

Yes, I'm upset that The Hurt Locker won Best Picture. I was rooting for Inglourious Basterds, but it never had a chance. Other than that, I have no issue with the other five Oscars The Hurt Locker took home (I take that back... I have an issue with Best Original Screenplay).

And that, my friends, is that.


  1. Hey late is good. Works for me . .I forgot they were on! And I know how you feel about the Hurt Locker but . .given that it's Hollywood, and it's not a truthful depiction of life for the military in Iraq . .was it any good? It always amazes me that actors, so eloquent at their craft struggle with a decent and well-timed acceptance speech!

    Apparrently, George was dodging the Paparazzi and refused to speak to the press choosing to greet fans on the red carpet instead . . .

    Off topic but did the cat come back?

  2. George will be George (why does everybody think a guy who basically plays himself in every film is so great--well i guess he and Cary Grant have the looks to pull it off). I stayed up as late as i could, but when they started dancing i'd had enough. I thought Basterds was alright..but waaaay to much talk, not enough nazi killing.

  3. so what did you think of hurt locker? figured you would have a good perspective on it...

    have been catching the snippets, did not watch myself...but nice recap.

  4. You and I are so in agreement on so much of this! You can read my Oscar wrap up and see much of what you wrote already in mine! Miley Cyrus especially! Sandra Bullock did awesome (only could have been better had she not had that red lipstick on) and, although I didn't mention it, I thought the same way about Neil Patrick Harris.

  5. I didn't watch, but I am glad for a few things. Bullock, while not always the best actress, is real, and I am happy she won.

    I am glad UP won.

    I think the Horror montage was pretty good, considering the Academy has always treated these films like the relative they don't want to acknowledge.

    And I liked the John Hughes tribute, even if it seemed a little clumsy.

  6. Didn't watch it. But, I like the new navbar.

  7. "Advice to Miley Cyrus: Pick better dresses and learn to stand up straight. You look like Lurch."

    I second that.

  8. Didn't watch it, but a couple of observations:

    I didn't see The Hurt Locker but I think they got it right with Avatar. I thought the film maker was so enthralled with all the wizbang special effects that they forgot movies should really have a plot.

    As for Clooney playing himself in every film, hey, John Wayne had a 50 year career doing it (as they used to say, John Wayne does a great John Wayne), and he wasn't even pretty.

  9. I didn't get to a tv that night.... so Iam collecting opinions and up-dates from folks who did see.
    I've missed visiting.
    Will be back soon.

  10. The lack of insight here is astounding. I expect more.