Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Judicial Contempt

"Your book is stolen, you know? That you have convinced yourself that it is some sort of original Word is not my problem, but yours. There are, in fact, older stories. Rough drafts of what you call Logos, logic, the Truth, but they are in themselves nothing more than Fable. Some would call them Lies, but I don't claim - as you do - to know anything.

"Did you write it? Of course not. Were you there when it was written? Of course not. Are you so irresponsible that you believe everything you're told because of who tells it? This is again, not my problem. What sort of fruit grew there? What sort of fruit grows there now? True logic - that of independent thought, borne of experience - dictates that your facts are incorrect and, hence, not facts at all. Where did the first woman go? Are we truly all the product of incest? And why are there equal bars on the cage? From one did not come the other. Surely a mistake was made, but you cannot admit that. You will not. Persecution is far easier.

"The days change on a whim, though not since the Age of Enlightenment. Coincidence, I think not. Control is everything to you and yours, which is why your children are accosted so easily. Perfection? Such a subjective term. Some view marriage as perfection, and yet there is an absence of such in one so important. Love is a Myth, so easily swayed and difficultly proven. That you created rules for it is evidence of its fiction. Lust is a Truth, so difficultly swayed and easily proven. That you created rules against it is evidence of its fact.

"Tell me, then... have you ever thought for yourself? Or is your basic programming like that of a computer's? Easy to modify, but only if the basic language remains. By true logic - that which is at ease with its lack of a capital - you are an automaton. Your children never had a chance to discover the World for themselves. A pity you call this Faith. A pity you feel you need to be saved. Why do you disregard your free will so readily? The choices are yours. Books can be edited, and the one you read is constantly so. Which edition do you Believe? And why did you choose it? Forgive me for assuming, but it was likely chosen for you.

"Thought is a survival skill. Our bodies are weak in the face of Nature. Tools gave us the ability to live, to proliferate, to kill, and to disappear. Where we are is where we should be. It's a beautiful place, even with the presence of the Cavalry. That you believe all four preexisted humanity is proof of the wickedness of your Truth. No... quite obviously, Humanity created one of them. That it exists is a stain our History will never live down. But we also created its opposite: Peace.

"And that's all we know. In this life, that's all we can know. Everything in between is a story to tell. For you to claim otherwise is perjury in the face of Death."

Uriah stands, proud of his statement, ready to face his punishment. But there is nothing there.

"Guilty," he mutters, grinning widely.

One day, he may very well serve his sentence. Until then, however, there is a life to be lived. And, perhaps, time to write his own book.


  1. Ah, if it were only true that love is a myth. This really made me feel old. Thanks. ;)

  2. Wow. Faith and love are such debatable concepts. Where would we be without them...are they to be an appendage shed in the new evolution?
    a bleak future.

  3. Jeff - You had me at the second sentence. And I agreed for the most part (and applauded you). This is where you lost me: "Love is a Myth, so easily swayed and difficultly proven."

    No. It isn't. It may be easily swayed, but it can also be easily proven. This one sentence made it difficult for me to give the rest of the piece the credence it deserves, because the thing about love is not true.

    I should sign off "love" here for fun :)! hahaha

  4. I like your evidence of nature or culture by whether rules prohibit or establish them. A good test in many ways.

  5. nice. some of it i understand and even why it is interpretted that wasy in the face of the children. i disagree as well that love is a myth...but so is santa claus until you meet him.

    thanks for the encouragement in the comment. just having fun...

  6. I didn't see this as a dissertation on love, lust or faith but as a condemnation of a way of life chosen by so many that causes misconception, untruths, war and promotes ignorance. Faith is ignorance, Logic brings truth.

  7. I would contend that you addressed one of the three forms of love, here, and found it lacking.

    Eros, as you contend, is hard to sway.
    Phileo is substantive, the brick wall of sturdy friendship.
    Agape is a Myth, an allegory, a story- until it is not.

    Well done. You have inspired thought, controversy, intrigue and the mother of all goodness... dialogue.