Saturday, March 20, 2010

Irrewind, 20100320: DC Comics

I haven't written about comic books in a long time, but I assure you that I am a comic book nut. Marvel, Image, Dark Horse... Hell, even Archie... I love my stapled pages of silly little drawings and bad dialog. That stated, out of all the established "comic book universes" out there, my favorite (by faaaaaar) is the DC Universe (DCU, for those in the know).

I suppose I haven't written about them frequently because I haven't been reading them as of late, but I aim to rectify that. In any case, if you're a DCU fan like I am, check out these old pieces I've written:

"DC Comics Returns... or Relapses -  Part 1"
DC Comics, for a long time, has been infamous for its failure to keep continuity clear and not confusing, and equally infamous for its money-making yet ultimately futile attempts at "cleansing" continuity. Once upon a time, DC Comics was (supposedly) totally and completely consumed with telling a good story, continuity be damned. The... Read More

"DC Comics Returns... or Relapses - Part 2"
See, in an attempt to diversify the DC Universe, the editors at DC decided that more minority superheroes were needed. Now, I'm not just talking about race, I'm talking about gender and sexual preference, too. While it's hard to disagree with the fact that true-to-life demographics aren't accurately represented in most comic books, it's easy... Read More 

"DC Comics Returns... or Relapses - The End"
Has anybody noticed a pattern? If not, let me spell it out for your limited mental capacities... character switches and dramatic changes almost always seem to happen at around the same time and almost always subsequently never work. You see, DC gets these itches to "update" and "modernize" their characters quite frequently. The... Read More 

"Why DC Should Revive Adventure Comics"
There are several ways to solve this, the most obvious of which is to grant these characters the A-list writer and illustrators they deserve, but as the talent pool isn't as large as comic fans would like, it is unlikely that DC would sacrifice Batman or Superman for the likes of Green Arrow or Aquaman. They could, however, simply release a ton... Read More

"Justice League Unlimited: A Review and a Prayer"
Which brings me to the glorious standard of animated superheroes: the DC animated universe (DCAU). In it, we were given the absolutely phenomenal Batman: The Animated Series, the consistent Superman: The Animated Series, a couple of still-good but more obscure cartoons (such as Static Shock), and the pinnacle of superhero... Read More  


  1. I always dug DC, more than Marvel. I dig your comic reviews man. Keep it up!

    On another note: Archie was always a great digest. I'd like to see a great movie come from there.

  2. Sorry Jeff . Leaves me cold. I'd rather wait for the movie rendition.

  3. ha...baino beat me to it. Darn you Helen!

  4. dc is the best hands down...although they sure are mucking with some interested to see what they do with the 'return' of bruce wayne...

  5. At nine years old, I'd visit my aunt and uncle, who lived in an old farm house. In the attic (the kind that was up a flight of stairs), my 15-year-old cousin had stacks and stacks (and stacks!) of comic books. There must have been hundreds. He'd let me "check out" five at a time, sort of like a wondrous comic book library.

    I LOVED visiting my aunt and uncle!