Thursday, March 18, 2010

Internet Writers - Quick Blog Reviews III

It's been a couple of months since I gave shout-outs to fellow bloggers, so I figured I'd give it another go. I'm still a bit exhausted from February's writing challenge, and these are relatively easy for me to write. In a rather strange twist (for me, anyway), each of this edition's recommendations are of female bloggers.

Also, I've lifted the self-imposed restriction of only reviewing blogs with a small following. I will, however, emphasize smaller followings as much as possible.

Harnett-Hargrove - an artist who delves in the emotion of surrealism. Perhaps she doesn't agree with that description, but that's how I interpret her absolutely fantastic and engaging work. Often matching her art with snippets from pop-culture history (usually literature and/or famous quotes), the result is wholly interpretative, yet exhibits a clear and specific message (though I admit, my limited brain does not always grasp what that message is). Brilliant stuff.

Kind Of That Girl - a young aspiring writer learning her craft in plain sight of the viewing public. Well, she claims she's "learning," but there's an existing talent that betrays more experience than she lets on. Those interested in contemporary drama, particularly drama written about young women and by a young woman, should definitely check this one out. She's still finding her own balance in storytelling, but each work is better than the last.

Platypuss-in-Boots - a ridiculously cute place to read about the whimsical tales of a group of personified stuffed animals finding their way through an imaginary world. Yes, it's cute. And it's very good. The author makes the occasional foray into the real world, but the sheer magic of Big Bed Land (as she calls it) draws you in like few storytelling blogs do. I hesitated to read the tales for a while (I do have a jerk reputation to maintain, after all), but I ultimately succumbed to their overwhelming charm. You should, too.

She Writes - a prolific blogger who should already be published, but for whatever reason... isn't. Her style is quite professional and more than a little artistic. While her older works are limited (both in openness and in scope), her recent work is astoundingly straightforward, blunt, and more emotionally profound than almost every other blog that I happen to read. As with "Kind of That Girl," it's a treat to see the progression of quality with each piece.

Stephanie says - a blog rife with the author's personal biography, history, and anecdotes, I go there to read a pretty damned good writer. I've not been reading long, but this one has a skill with the word that I admire. It seems to be mainly creative non-fiction, but who knows? Good writers know how to hide reality in fiction and vice versa. This one knows how.

Pay 'em a visit! Tell 'em I sent ya.

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  1. Thanks for the plug :) I enjoyed your critique, although the only experience I legitimately have is from reading LOTS and LOTS as a child and up until this point. Wish I could say I have had more!

  2. (IRRE) x 2 : Perhaps one of the most original of bloggers who can shift effortlessly from fine fiction to revelatory reviews, Always challenging, never boring.

  3. why don't you have your own column in some newspaper?..your reviews are always great...oh, because newspapers are all bankrupt. I'm checking these bloggers out later.

  4. nice. great reviews...i am familiar with all but one...checking them out though...

  5. Jeff,
    I do love vicarious introductions -I'm on my way to visit the others...
    By inclusion on your blog review I feel I'm part of a club! Thank you so very much for the mention. "delves in the emotion of surrealism"... that's an angle! -Jayne

  6. OOOPS. Spelling. Second go at it.

    What? Jeff, thanks, you! I was so surprised to see you listed me here and pleased. Thank you for your encouragement and generous description. You have impacted my writing more than anyone I know. I hope for the better.

    BTW Just yesterday I sent your link and two others to a friend looking for good writing.

    Now, off to see the other blogs you like. Most curious, of course.

  7. Nooooo not more blogs. It's a joy to read a blog that's well written, not that I don't enjoy those which aren't necessarily works of art but thanks for the Links. I already visit Jayne and agree with your critique. I'll have to click on the others over the weekend.

  8. I recognize all of these ladies...yes, all great bloggers!

    OK..I do an acrostic today and you don't even stop by!? Geesh! You'd probably be able to contribute to my oxymoron post, too. :)

  9. Great reviews! Now I have something to do with my Saturday morning free time this weekend.

  10. Thanks so much for including P-in-B! Pirate Goat, especially, is touched by these words from one he so much esteems. The adventure of the Argonaut in the Council underworld is really testing his limits...

    Sorry to be so late responding - with all the Animals gone from the house, it seems like the Monster reality has taken over! But I'm working my way back to blogland. Thanks again.