Monday, February 1, 2010

The "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge

I haven't used a snide jerk tone in a while...

It's February. You know, the shortest month of the year. Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Leap Year Day (when we have one). All that.

It's also the month that screws up the scheduling over at the blogging/writing group I helped start, The Tenth Daughter of Memory. See (or don't see... perhaps you're utilizing some sort of Braille-based interface), the creative exercises at 10thDoM operate on 15-day cycles. Obviously, the good ol' second month poses a problem for that. Oh, sure, we could do two 14-day cycles, or we could do one 15-day and take the rest of the month off (of which the admins, no doubt, would have enjoyed). But... no...

Instead, we created a rather insane quasi-competition that involves speed, quantity, and quality of creativity. It's going to be awesome, of this I guarantee. I'm thinking that many will choose not to participate and their excuses will fly ("too busy," "too hard," "not my thing," etc.) like pigs out of a kangaroo's ass. Translated into English, however, all of these excuses mean the same thing: "I suck; I won't be able to keep up; though I brag about how talented I am, this will reveal me as having no talent at all."

So, if you're interested, give it a shot. It'll be fun and there's nothing to lose. I mean, hey, I'm participating and a majority of my work is crap (at least 90% of it, and that's a generous estimate).

Still, if you're scared, say you're scared. We won't mind. We'll just smile and watch as you run with your tail tucked between your legs as you try to take solace in believing all of those ridiculous "oh, this is so good, you should be published" comments on your blog.


P.S. Because of this, you might notice me not adhering to my posted blogging schedule (count on it, actually), and I might have to forgo Theme Thursday this month. I hope not, but I might be too busy, or it might be too hard, or it might not be my thing. Ah, well.

Eat me.


  1. February is long enough to make a month that matters!

  2. What adminS? You fired me and Wings quit. You're evil. ;oP

  3. I read the entire post in said snide jerk tone. It satisfied.

    I'm preparing to be dazzled. Brushing off best "oh, it's so good, you should be published" comment.

  4. "I suck; I won't be able to keep up; though I brag about how talented I am, this will reveal me as having no talent at all."

    I am nothing if not pragmatic and aware of my own failings. I am no writer or storyteller. I never brag and I read a shit load of very ordinary writers and poets who think they're the ants pants. One of them's been writing a novel for 3 years and still editing the thing. Publish already!

    Sorry, I'll read but I won't play. Call me petulant .. . or 'bite me'

  5. Hmmm, let me take a look at what it is. But it's the 90% crap stat, on a good day, I am always fighting.