Saturday, January 16, 2010

NFL Special: Divisional Weekend

No, you're not imagining things... there was an Irrewind scheduled for this week, but due to the NFL playoffs it's been moved to next Saturday so I can rant and rave about football. Many of you have already quit reading by this point, but for those of you who remain:

Let's go Chargers!

So, last week I was 2 for 4 in my picks. I picked both games on Saturday correctly (Cowboys over Eagles; Jets over Bengals), but blew both games on Sunday (Patriots lost to the Ravens - in spectacular fashion, I might add; Packers lost to the Cardinals - in a nail-biter).

This means that the Cardinals play the Saints today at 4:30 Eastern, and the Ravens play the Colts at 8:15 Eastern. Tomorrow, Dallas is at Minnesota (1:00 Eastern) and my beloved Chargers host the New York Jets at 4:40 Eastern.

Granted, I was hoping the Patriots would've beat the Ravens, because that would've resulted in the Patriots at San Diego, and the Chargers certainly owe them one (actually two... the Patriots have been responsible for two of the Chargers' last three exits from the playoffs). But it's not so bad, as the Chargers still owe the Jets for being knocked out their first game of the 2004 season Wild Card game (an overtime loss, I might add).

Anyway... enough whining. On to my picks!

Which are easy, as I'm picking each home team (Saints, Colts, Vikings, Chargers). The Saints will win in a nail-biter, while the other three teams will win very convincingly.

NFL Musings

As much as I can't stand the Rooney Rule regarding coaching hires, I understand its intent. That stated, I wholeheartedly believe that both the Redskins and the Seahawks made a mockery of the rule, only interviewing minority candidates to satisfy the rule stipulations, and not with any real intent to hire a minority.

Pete Carroll's off to the Seahawks, eh? Does he really want another shot in the NFL, or does he just want to get away from USC before the shit hits the fan regarding various NCAA rule violations? I'll be fair: both.

Charger Musings

Even though the underrated Malcom Floyd is wearing the number, I really think that the Chargers should retire #80. Kellen Winslow? C'mon, dudes... there aren't a whole lot of players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as Chargers. Winslow's one of them; let's give him some respect.

On that note, the Chargers should retire #18, too (Charlie Joiner... who also happens to be the current wide receivers coach for the Chargers). And #74 (Ron Mix). And maybe even #71 (Fred Dean... although I'll accept arguments against this one).

Once again: Go Chargers!


  1. Sorry, you lost me at NFL playoffs. Just can't make any informed predictions here!

    Go Chargers :)!

  2. I'm thinking the Cowboys are going to roll. I have absolutely no idea about Saints-Cards, the way New Orleans has been playing for the last few weeks of the season. Like a switch was turned off, or something. I'm leaning Arizona. I can't make a decision on Colts-Ravens because Peyton is so godlike in pressure situations. I think Sanchito has recovered well and learned fast, but the Chargers are just too overall good.

    We shall see!

  3. Sorry, just not into football anymore.

    But my MOS was 93F. I was an AIT Instructor at FT. Sill in OK. We did the weather for the field artillery. It was a combat MOS and in the whole history of the Army, I think there were about 9 of us, we are the only females to have ever held a combat MOS. Women to this day cannot hold a combat MOS. That sucks. We were put there by mistake. So I always tell my grandkids that their grandma is historical. They just roll their eyes. I think that if I would have stayed in, they would have made me change my MOS. I have kept my boots and they still shine to this day. My uncle was a Basic Training Instructor and he taught me well.

    Part of me wishes I had stayed in more than the two years, but then another part of me was so glad to get out. Hubby was in for 9 years and 3 of them spent down in Panama Canal Zone. I hated it down there in so many ways, hence the Polka Dot Dance post, but in some ways it was okay.

    Hubby was going to make it a career but they told us that he would always come back to Panama and I said there was no way in hell that we were going back there. He did not want to go back either, and so he chose to get out. He now has over 30 years with the phone company and knows that if he had stayed in that he would not have done this.

    God bless.

  4. as long as the ravens lose...i am cool.

  5. I think i am leaning toward Cards, Chargers, Colts, ehhhhhhhh on a limb with the cowboys. Hate the cowboys, but not a Farve fan either. It is great to live only two hours from one of the best teams to ever play the game--Colts have been awesome for most of the decade...hope they don't fall out the 2nd week in (again!)

  6. Bloody parochial post! I'm only commenting to say I have no comment.

  7. You will probably hate me for this but... oh well. I'm rooting for the Cowboys all the way. Yeah, I said it :)

  8. gawd...cardinals are pushing up daisies. Sorry, Helen, this is big stuff in the states.

  9. Today was a sad day. For me anyway... you are probably happy right now. I'm putting away the Cowboys gear for next year.

  10. My condolences - tough game to lose.