Thursday, December 24, 2009

Theme Thursdays, 2009

So, in mid-summer of 2009 I was turned on to a writing group called Theme Thursday. My buddy at Caffeinated Joe asked me to help him edit a piece concerned with the topic of "Funky" (check it out here). I was a bit confused at first because he was stressing out about a midnight deadline, so he explained the whole gist of the group to me.

Basically, a topic or theme is posted on a Sunday, and everyone participating needs to have their posts up the subsequent Thursday (a lot of people jump the gun, but whatever). I wasn't interested at first, even though the following week's topic was "Ghost" (which I could've done something fun with) but good ol' coffeed-up Joe convinced me to give it a shot the very next week. So I did and, with a few exceptions (mostly due to creative stagnation), I've been writing something for Theme Thursday every week. I did "cheat" one time and simply reposted an old piece rather than write a new one, and I've reposted old pieces along with new ones for particular topics, but I've marked those old pieces with asterisks (so don't whine about it).

Due to the holiday season, there's no Theme Thursday today, but if anyone is curious and has the time, check out the topics/themes along with my entries (some are fiction, some are poetry, a couple are vain attempts at defeating a lack of writer's mood). If not... eh... go back to your World of Warcraft.


  1. Hah! Great way to do a Theme Thursday post without a theme to post on!

  2. would not be thursday with out a TT post...i am glad you joined up jeff, otherwise i may never have met you and be able to read your words...have a grea holiday...

  3. Nice! TT is very glad to have you!