Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Internet Writers - Quick Blog Reviews II

A while ago I wrote some cursory reviews of ramblings that I tend to read. Admittedly, as I tended to stay within familiar circles, most of what I reviewed is material from people who are personal friends of mine (only one was of a blog not written by someone I knew at the time). Recently, however, I've had nothing but time to write and to read the writings of others, both friend and stranger, and am going to pimp out some of what I like.

Now, as a disclaimer, I prefer to talk about people who don't already have fairly large followings, so if you're not on this list, think nothing of it (you're probably on my blog-roll, anyway).

The Alchemist's Pillow - a poet who likes to discuss art in all its forms, this is an interesting blog. There is an underlying intent to the writing found here, and that intent is to make everything seem like a dream. And, I must admit, it usually works. There are occasional forays into reviews and analysis, and those often provide as much insight into the author as they do into the subject being analyzed. Definitely worth a look.

Half-Moose with a Twist - think Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein, but with an older target audience and a small dose of cocaine. Irreverently funny writing - sometimes poetry and sometimes prose - combined with at-first-glance cute, at-second-glance insane artwork makes for as enjoyable an experience as one can have perusing blogs. Why this place is one of the Internet's best-kept secrets rather than one of the Internet's most popular landing sites is beyond me. Perhaps people don't "get it," but I think that's the point. I don't get it, and I love it!

Heaven in Hell - if you like writing that concerns itself with frustration, as well as writing that is so obviously written in frustration, this is your place. Fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry are the usual fare, but there are occasional forays into commentary (via diary-esque pieces), and while the frustration sometimes overshadows the work itself, the work always remains intriguing.

The Id's Whisper - a bit rough around the edges, this is home to a deviant imagination unafraid to share unorthodox opinions and somewhat disturbing fiction. What the writer of The Id's Whisper lacks in skill, he makes up for in content. Unfortunately, it's easy to see a lack of patience and motivation in the work, but I'm guessing the blog was created to foster those things. Give it a whirl... you might be surprised. Also, as it is here, pointing out grammar and spelling errors, as well as offering constructive criticism, is welcomed and desired.

It Must Be the Vapors - there are "deep-thinkers" and then there are deep-thinkers. This place is the home of the latter. Offering both subtle and overt commentary, the author of It Must Be the Vapors can wax philosphic with the best of them. Clearly a student of observation, his work is poignant, often critical, and always introspective. And, oh yeah, be prepared to have to read his stuff more than once. Layers upon layers abound.

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  1. Thanks, so much, Jeff, for your kind words about the alchemist's pillow. I am new at blogging and it is gratifying to know that you have found things on the blog that make it worth the visit. I will make a point of visiting the others you mention and try to make sure the pillow lives up to your generous recommendation. Happy holidays.

  2. nice, some i know, some i dont...will check ou the ones i don't...

  3. wow...hope i can live up to that. nice to be recognized by a talent like yourself...will certainly peruse your list as time permits...

  4. It’s that time of year again! I’m doing the rounds and apologising for my complete failure to more regularly offer comment on everybody’s incredible efforts for the year. I know how hard it can be to keep up with the daily grind of everyday posting, and want to thank you for your efforts.

    I especially want to wish festive greetings for all from down here at [nearly] the end of the world, the bottom of Tasmania.

    So, if you could delete whatever is not applicable, I’d like to wish you a very pleasant/merry/happy/wonderful/safe Amaterasu; Ashurall; Beiwe; Choimus; Christmas; Dazh Boh; Dongzhi; Goru; Hanukkah; Hogmanay; Junkanoo; Karachun; Koleda; Lenæa; Meán Geimhridh; Modranicht; New Years; Ras as-Sana; Rozhanitsa Feast; Şeva Zistanê; shōgatsu; Summer Solstice [if you're in the Southern Hemisphere]; Sviatki; Vánoce; Winter solstice [if you're in the Northern Hemisphere]; Yalda; Yule-tide; Ziemassvētki; and Коляда!

    With a hearty three cheers from Kris, Jen, Henry and Ezra!

  5. Jeff, thanks for the kind words. I have imagined my tendency to write labyrinthine expressions of thought processes scares off most readers, judging from the number of visitors versus the quantity of comments. I think the participation at 10th Daughter of Memory may help improve my accessibility, as evidenced by Cinnamon's comment on my latest entry.

  6. Am I glad to happen across this.There are so few people who tell it like it is in Blogland - pretending everything is 'Awesome!' makes me cringe. Let's hear some more honest critiques!