Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Burning Bridge

It's time to pack up and go
while the bridge can still be traversed
before it turns into ash
and the water underneath no longer has reason to flow
Time, then, to go
before he's going nowhere

Across the horizons
there will be horizons crossed
and called yesterdays
tomorrows, new enemies and old friends
antiquate nascent dreams again
leaving them nowhere

For the weary, rest
they may sleep but he may not stay
lest he watch it all go by
counting the heartbeats she has left
The compass points West
and has taken her nowhere

It's time to pack up and go
while the ford can still be passed
before it turns into mud
and the span overhead can no longer hold
Time, then, to go
anywhere but here


  1. The bridge turns to ash because you are smoking too much. Go West, young man!

  2. Nice, Jeff. Gives new meaning to Dylan Thomas' observation that "When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes."

  3. one foot in front of the other...though i may burn bridges, i tend to stick around to watch them burn before moving on...

  4. Very appropriate for New Year's Eve. I'm burning bridges as we speak. Happy New Year! Party hard or go home I say.

  5. I am glad you stayed for now :). Otherwise who knows what would be?

  6. You can run but... Well, you know what they say.