Friday, November 27, 2009

Things I Did On Thanksgiving

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and, as usual, I didn't do a whole lot. I haven't had dinner with the family since 2006 (which was the first time I had Thanksgiving dinner with the family since 1995). Hell, I didn't even have dinner this year. I don't know why, but such things don't bother me. I get berated for my blasé attitude a lot by many people, but I just don't change. Okay, maybe I change a little, as I did actually have plans this year, but my change is slow (unlike Obama's version of it... oh, wait a sec).

Anyway... what did I do this year?

I slept in until very late... like, a few hours after noon late. I did wake up to let the dogs out this morning, but other than that I stayed on the couch.

I argued with the person I had plans with, since xhe (a ha!) summarily canceled on me on the account of being depressed. I was supposed to go to her sister's for dinner and I'm fairly certain she told her sister that I pulled out, rather than what really happened. I even turned down two other Thanksgiving invitations in order to go, so I'm a tad annoyed about this.

The following happened on the 25th: I learned how to juggle three balls! Finally! Yes, I'm way too happy about this.

I played a video game called Plants vs. Zombies (really... but it's awesome... you should check it out) until I collected one of every plant for my Zen Garden (play the game to find out what that is... or Google it).

I had one cigarette and a limited amount of nicotine. And I had two pots of coffee (and broke a coffee cup, to boot).

I listened to every song on my Sprint phone at least three times. I love Sprint Music. I only download the free songs, but they tend to be really good and from obscure artists I would have otherwise never heard of.

I wrote this.

'Til next year!


  1. Too bad the xhe wasn't kept gender neutral with the rest of the paragraph but what can you expect when you have a downer Thanksgiving? Next year come to my house. I guarantee a dinner.

    I use xhe regularly, but I think Cy21 will break my fingers if he catches me using it in the act of typing sometime. :)

  2. Ah what the hell. Next year, come to our house, you're welcome. Bye the way, what is Thanksgiving?

  3. happy thanksgiving jeff...i have seen the game, sounds fun in a green thumb kinda way. smiles. now brew another pot of coffee...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, anyway. Two pots of coffee isn't too shabby! :)

  5. too bad about the plans going bust--juggling can be quite an entertaining way to pass the time...i am pretty proficient at three balls, but that's where it ends. Going on any black Friday excursions?

  6. We don't celebrate thanksgiving in my neck of the woods! Plants vs Zombies, eh?.... What platform is it played on? PC? Xbox?