Saturday, October 3, 2009

Destination Unknown

Instinct failed the species. The ability to think developed as some sort of misguided chance to survive. Yes and no were suddenly abstract concepts, shedding their emotional components in the face of nascent logic. Magic disappeared over time. And the world became a series of facts in the realm of the understood, misunderstood, a place to escape. Someone said the sky was falling, and everyone believed it except for the trees.

Blue was no longer just blue, but shades of sensations related to standing in the rain. Refreshing for some, while others just run around and get wet. No longer was the process of eating merely the process of finding food. Food needed to taste good and, despite where it all winds up, has to look good. A convolution of primal nature than only the ability to think could create. Intelligent design is a myth that only adds aesthetic to an equation that the universe couldn't care less about.

Footprints in the sand have long been replaced by rubber and metal streaks on long strips of frozen oil. The moon has been touched by the bodies of men. Thinking takes us everywhere, and nowhere at all. We're still here, after all, and we always have been. Artists and scientists create the vast landscape of interpretation that the rest of us struggle to tread through. Nobody really wants to be where they are... with thought came regret... and an ounce of it can poison the ocean that is memory.

Leave it to thought to turn migration from a seasonal activity into a curious one. Knowledge is better for it, but is existence? Atheists and a theist can't seem to agree, which probably means they're all wrong. No one knows where they're going, they just think they know they're going to get there, so perhaps they're all right. The world is a large place until you've seen it all. And when that happens, you can just make up another.

Plans have failed for so long, maybe you're like me and have decided to give instinct a try. One last grasp at magic, so to speak; an attempt to break free from the cage of thought. Someone said the sky is falling, but I know that's a lie, for I've fallen out of it and it didn't hit the ground with me. Or maybe it did but my view was blocked. Perhaps I should have stayed and taken a longer look around. Perhaps, but at the time I don't think I cared. It happens. I really don't even care where I'm heading, as long as it's out of this place.

I just want some air to breathe.


  1. "Refreshing for some, while others just run around and get wet."

    - Some get wet, while others feel the pain...

  2. I think most can certainly relate to parts of this post.

    "The world is a large place until you've seen it all. And when that happens, you can just make up another."

    If that happens then we should start look at the world differently and discover it all over again. We cannot make another world but we can always reinvent ourselves.

  3. and maybe as you breathe the air of that new place, magic will reappear in the fresh light.

  4. Interesting, definitely a peek into you right now.

    This I don't agree with, though: "Nobody really wants to be where they are..."

  5. Bravo — Human condition #1 Explained!

    There's not enough time in a thousand lives to "see it all", but it only take a few years of indoctrinating our curious children entering school as question marks, graduating as periods; the vast everything that doesn't fit, explained away. Invention is all there is left.

    … except, why do we do that to ourselves?

  6. I love being where I am right now! :)

  7. I feel that way most of the time. Wrong or right, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

  8. Wow- some deep philosophical questions here- I do like the way you have constructed this, with the punchline last sentence 'I just want some air to breathe'. Instinct has a lot going for it :)

  9. This is your best in a long while. Beautifully thought.