Thursday, September 3, 2009

Once a Time

dust covers the house you grew up in
the street you grew up on
winds of change kept nothing clean
and merely carry memory away
familiar smile amid unfamiliar place
somehow she's found you
in time to watch you spread your wings
there's no wave goodbye, because you'll fall

dust covers the love you grew up in
the wind you grew up on
desert roads tell no secrets
and take you nowhere
familiar song below unfamiliar skies
somehow she's remembered you
in time to listen to you leave

sidewalks disappear beyond horizon
destinations unknown
there's only one way to begin this journey
a foot in front of the other
one at a time, upon a time
and there's no time for dust


  1. "Desert roads tell no secrets and take you nowhere"...that I can relate to...a beginning with no end...

  2. Fine writing. Enough in there to keep me thinking for a week!

  3. After you jump and before you land...

  4. nice. i like the fact that there is no time for dust...because you are moving versus the moments frozen in the sea of time...i like it.

  5. "sidewalks disappear beyond horizon
    destinations unknown"

    I just like that. You may pooh-pooh it, but you are an artist with words, sir.

  6. A couple of posts ago, you claimed that you did not think yourself a great writer . .bullshit. You're wonderful, Unpretentious, descriptive, romantic, tragic and just lovely. I may be your newest fan.

  7. I delight in both sides of you,Jeff,those being the Merlot and the Non-Merlot. The Merlot side makes my heart giggle with enjoyable thought. The Non-Merlot side makes my heart weep with introspective thought. Lovely and touching this poem!

  8. Wow, really beautifully constructed, lovely images. I haven't even had my coffee yet, and this penetrated my fuzzy brain.

  9. Wow, these would make great lyrics. You should set them to music! Are you musical, as well?

  10. Life is truly one step at a time. A chance lost forever, but a new love beckons. Enjoyed this a lot

  11. Wow. Fantastic. Great stuff. Nice. Loves it!

  12. You left me somewhat sad. Perhaps that's my interpretation more than your intent. Good stuff.

  13. Fabulous...This is my first visit to your blog...I will be back. Have a good one.

  14. Don't want to say much except...I loved it:)


  15. The first two paragraphs are fine. The last is too cliche. Horizons, unknown destinations, a journey starts with one step? I expect more from you.

  16. "she's remembered you
    in time to listen to you leave" -

    Isn't that life in a nutshell? I like that.

  17. My first visit here- I like your poem :)

  18. Brilliant! Where have you been? I just closed my last blog, and started a new one. I hope you'll check it out, as I will be following yours.