Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oft-Delayed Random Musings

Okay, so I've not mused randomly lately, but I saw some things in the news recently and have the urge.

Oh, I'm also imbibing in Merlot. Big surprise, right?


- Disney is acquiring Marvel Comics. This just seems... profound to me. Like, too good to be true, or too dangerous to be true. I can't decide which. I think I'd have liked it better had Paramount, Universal, or some other studio purchased Marvel. No clue why I feel that, but I do. Bite me.

- Yeah, I've not blogged about the San Diego Padres this season, because, well, it's just too sad.

- So Brett Favre finally did it and signed with the Vikings. Whoopedy-doo... wait until next year when he signs with the Lions. Now THAT will be newsworthy.

- While we're on the NFL: an 18-game season is a BAD idea. Pre-set scaled contracts for draft picks is a GOOD idea.

- Obama just recommended that people should get a shot for the swine flu. Fuck that. Is anybody else wondering why all these "super-flu" strains started cropping up AFTER flu shots became en vogue? I'm all for modern medicine, but damn... let the immune system do its job, no?

- Avid bloggers should check out The Tenth Daughter of Memory in case they're bored.

- I've probably mentioned this before, but Bob Schneider's "King of the World" is one of the best songs ever written.

- Books I've read (or re-read) recently: Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Larry McMurtry's The Last Picture Show, Dan Simmons' The Terror, Neil Gaiman's Stardust. All are heavily recommended. I'm currently reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, and I've been assigned to read Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain. Anybody have any recommendations for what to read after those are done?

- People confuse me. Particularly women. Then again, I suppose that's what we get for Eve pulling the apple off the tree. And stealing a rib. Actually, archaeologists are saying that the apple was really a fig. Which makes sense, given that Adam and Eve wore fig leaves. Yeah? And who still believes that women have more ribs than men? Ugh.

-  Oh, damn! I just read that red wine helps alleviate some of the harmful effects of radiation therapies. I'm all set!

- Er... never mind... it's only for people drinking ONE glass of wine a day.

Enough for now, I suppose.


  1. I thought a similar thing about the Marvel/DC mix. Universal would be better. But they didn't ask us! Dammit.

    Not sure what book to recommend. Someone recommended "Hyperion" to me. gah...

    And yeah, check out The Tenth Daughter of Memory. NOW! DO IT!

  2. a little worried here as well on the disney could lead to some interesting crossovers...err...scratch that...

    reading the Dresden Files right now...pretty good...

    im in on the tenth daughter...

  3. Thanks for the tip about "The Tenth Daughter of Memory" I will be following up on it.

  4. "Er... never mind... it's only for people drinking ONE glass of wine a day."

    ?? So what's the size of your glass, and how many per day?

  5. Yeh been over to Tenth daughter. This first one ties in nicely with Theme Thursday. Who the hell drinks one glass of wine a day? And women are not confusing, I understand me perfectly.

  6. I agree about misgivings about Disney. I'd have rather Marvel not sold out... :(

    So, uh, this newfound drinking thing...what? Are you tanking up before going back to the army? :)

  7. I hope this is drunk blogging.