Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A slumbering impatience burns away as falling star touches the crown of the world. Light begins to scatter as an aimless journey finally reveals its destination. Joy gives way to melancholy as ground quickly approaches, bringing the realization that this view is being captured for the first and final time.

An all too brief glimpse of beauty, blue and white, as friction melts away fear. Her body, once an imposing reflection in the distance, now seems inviting... a fitting place to rest. There's a scream of triumph as youthful lust streaks through cloud, finally knowing what it means to fly.

The lives of others pass by as emotion and sensation, frozen for so long and long since forgotten, reawaken in time to enjoy falling in love. The impact will take but a mere moment, but it will be in her arms. The mystery of gravity finally solved.

Oh, what a view she was.


  1. Lovely bit of writing here, Jeff. Did you know there's a meteor shower tonight? Fits in rather nicely with your piece.

  2. willow: I did not, actually... not until about an hour after I posted it. Kinda cool, if a bit odd.

  3. Another great post, and something nice! From you!!! I am stunned, stunned I tell ya!


  4. Concise and nicely done. I think it works better as a whole without "youthful", but I like it.

  5. Who is Bitsy? ;)

    This is beautiful. Every word.

  6. Bitsy is a bitch who's always told Jeff exactly what she thinks and isn't about to change now. She likes Jeff because he behaves the same way with her. No white lies, no bullshit, no hidden agendas, he's a REAL man who doesn't need his ego stroked constantly. Bitsy loves REAL men. ;)

  7. Bitsy, I was kidding. But aren't you stroking his ego right now? ;)

  8. So was I. As for stroking Jeff's ego, he is still a man, even if he is a Real one, so he does need some ego stroking. ;) To be honest, Jeff takes criticism better than any other writer I've known. He asked me to give him my unvarnished opinion.

  9. Bitsy, Don't we both know that to be true about men. :) I know he can take the truth from you!


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