Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drunken Thoughts

I'm blitzed (yes, from cheap Merlot) and I've decided to conduct an experiment, and in this experiment I will try to write no less than ten profound thoughts that come to mind, and hopefully these ten profound thoughts will make perfect sense when I read them in the morning.

It is currently 11:30 PM, Eastern time, on the 22nd of August, 2009.

Let's roll.

1. I finished a book tonight and am wondering if I'm going to remember doing so when I sober up. And if I remember doing so, am I going to remember what the Hell the story was about?

2. A friend of mine is expressing an irrational attraction for Kellogg's Special K Red Berries. I have no fucking idea what she's talking about. Hopefully I can refrain from using the word "fuck" or any of its variants for the rest of the entry. I wouldn't want to earn an "R" rating, now, would I?

3. Speaking of ratings... the MPAA is full of shit. We need a new rating system. Do I have an idea concerning this? Oh, yes, I do. Some other time, however. Just know that the MPAA is full of shit.

5. Whoops, I forgot 4, didn't I?

5. Just pretend that last 5 was number 4.

6. I am a fool, an idiot, a misanthrope, and a hopeless romantic. And guess what? I like it that way.

7. I have 30 pieces of 2 milligram Nicorette left. Confucius say: that's not enough fucking nicotine. Aw, shit... I used the "F" word again.

8. Why do all "bad words" pertain to sex and/or bodily functions? Oh, wait... religion. How's that for arbitrary?

9. To all those whom I offend: I humbly offer A) my humblest apologies... and B) that I don't give a shit.

10. Bo Derek? Are you kidding me? Not even...


  1. Bo Derek is no Natalie Portman. For #6, the fourth item explains the other 3. You are not the target market for Special K Red Berries anyway. Enjoy the hangover. :)

  2. I'm with you. A few too many red wines tonight. So better not to write. Besides, my mind thinks better in German than English after a few. A leftover from a previous life, perhaps.

  3. White is gentler on the head the next day, but red provides for a more interesting now, I've found.

  4. Maybe it's best if you don't write while blitzed.

  5. By the way just read your 10 randoms and your funny when your bent. For future notice your drunken ramblings are always welcome.

    (from Facebook)

  6. Hmm... no. more. drunk. blogging.

    Noted, approved, and implemented.

  7. followup comment directed toward you on TT

    new bumper sticker?

    friends don't let friends blog drunk

    well, the random ramblings were shall we say revealing.....

  8. Funny...all I want to say is kiss me and shut up.

    Oh, wait..I guess that isn't funny.

    No more liquid lunches for me...

  9. I vote continue the drunk blogging!

  10. *giggles* I love drunken blogging! I try not to though, as my spelling goes out the window after a few drinks. I've actually put a "difficult to type" password on my laptop to avoid being able to log in when intoxicated :-)

  11. I can't drink Merlot ever since the movie Sideways. I'm now way into Malbecs, cheap and good. I'm drinking one now that's 11.99 a bottle and rated a 90 by wine spectator. My problem when I drink is that I can't shut up (obviously) and yes, the MPAA is full of shit. Have you seen, This MOvie Is Not Yet Rated?

  12. ha. that was amazing. and you are gramatically have been programmed well. lol. so, did you remember this morning?

  13. I think you have a bunch of stuff to work with here... -J

  14. You're definitely one of those "old romantic" types. I love cheap Merlot. I buy it by the box-load.