Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bonus Track

Life's one sad song after another
as if there's a rhythm to shedding tears
dance the night, unaware the sun is on its way
she's standing next to you
somehow moving to different tempo
islands on the floor, move into archipelago
the rhyme is clever, unexpected
but in the end it's just a word
the beat, a drum machine
as synthetic as emotion is subjective
is the dancer or the music in the lead?
most can't tell, so there's no worry
lyrics unimportant and lost in sound and perpetual motion
but her voice turns you on
and it's best when one song bleeds into another
missteps are a part of it all
yet a stranger's bump may not be an accident
a dancer follows so quickly, sight and sound synchronize
there's magic in not sitting down
and feet are laughing that heads are self-conscious
she tells you what to do
a clarifying harmony for misunderstood melody
and the song may not be so sad after all

Yeah, I posted a poem. Don't get used to it... probably won't ever happen again.


  1. I like this. It's much better than painting with prose. Very nice.

  2. Nice, Jeff. Don't be so quick to knock your talent.

    Ya got mad skillz, yo!


  3. Shall we dance?

    Very nice piece, Jeff.

  4. If the poems are anything like this I hope you will be posting some more.