Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It'd been a long time. His hands ran smoothly across her body as if it were yesterday. They were lines deadly, sexy, and dangerously seductive. She glistened in the dark as she always had, and there was still that twinkle in her eyes, revealing a shared perspective of the world that only those so intimate are ever lucky enough to experience.

His grip was confident, loose, and fingers gently caressed all the right curves. Curves so familiar, they could be seen with eyes closed and felt with hands numb. Her smell hadn't changed, years of caretaking ensured a scent arousing and deceptively young. It's said that aroma is best at triggering memory, and it's true. Years apart erased by deep inhalation and a euphoric realization of what can be accomplished together.

He remembered her voice, even before he heard her speak. Self-aware, comforting, and deliberate in what is said, a voice so soothing, even the most panicked of moods could be calmed by the tone of her song... or scream. Consistent perfection, always reassuring. Her ability to attract attention equaled only by her ability to push it away.

Her body so compact, yet so strong, he often thought of writing a letter to those responsible for her existence. As loyal a companion to him as she had been, he couldn't believe that he had once decided to leave her. Driving off into the sunset never seemed a larger mistake. She had been his confidence, his confidante, and they had been inseparable. Apart, life had fallen apart, and surely her absence had been the reason.

None of that mattered now, for they were finally reunited. Invincible in each other's presence, they were one and the same, hopefully for years to come. He had taken the long way home, realizing late that home was purely a matter of heart and not of location.

It was time; the dance was to begin. Homecoming king and homecoming queen share a kiss for luck. Her bolt locked to the rear, a magazine is slammed into her receiver. He rides her bolt forward and a round slides into her chamber, anticipating a trigger squeeze. Beyond a caress so lethal, the dance floor awaits.

He'll point the way, she'll clear it. Together again.


  1. Way better in print than in your groggy voice on the phone... "the" reason, though? I don't like that line. A little more subtlety there would be nice.

  2. I like it. Oh wait, I clicked "love it"...

    Okay, I love it.

  3. I liked it for the most part. But obviously, they weren't inseparable (perhaps, had been), and the use of superlatives in "love" from anyone over the age of 25 is vaguely nauseating for me. (Invincible, perfection, dangerously seductive) This is especially true from someone who had been with her before. I guess the character could be that young, but it doesn't read that way to me.

  4. And still more Irrewinding.

    Reading the other comments, I'm guessing I may be wrong in my interpretation here. But, man, I am so seeing him caressing a 30.06, cleaned and oiled and ready for trouble.

    And I'm not sure what that says about me.