Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pointless Musings Beginning with "S"

Let's see... things I've noticed and things that have happened recently beginning with the letter "S." Hmm... don't know why I feel compelled to write about this, but it probably has something to do with a recent discussion of Sesame Street.

A squirrel came up to me and my cat the other day. Brushed against us through the window screen. Ironically, my cat's name is Sagremor.

There's a Sunset Beach in North Carolina. Now, while I haven't physically seen how the beach is laid out (perhaps there's an inlet that faces West or some such feature), I wonder why the city isn't called "Sunrise Beach." It is, after all, on the East Coast.

I love strawberries; hate strawberry flavoring. Conversely, I hate cherries; love cherry flavoring.

Sugarfree gum gives me a headache. Not sure why.

If you're making a short film or an independent feature, consider hiring the sound guys from NorthStar Post & Sound in Wilmington, North Carolina. Especially if you need Foley or ADR work. Do it.

The term "soldier" refers to those in the Army. Sailors, Marines, and Airmen do not refer to themselves or each other as soldiers. So fucking stop it.

You all suck. Vote for Clint Eastwood. A SAG member.


  1. "S" as in "suck." As in "you SUCK." You're mean. And this blog is still the most boring and uninspired "pointless musing" ever.

    Posted by Jessica Lynn on October 28, 2007 - Sunday - 11:22 PM

  2. I also have always wondered about the Sunset Beach thing!

    I also share that strawberry issue! No one else understands! Maybe it's a half breed genetic issue.

    Sugar free gum thing: possibly an slight allergy to the artificial sweetener. That stuff makes my joints feel arthritic. I avoid it at all cost, obviously so, by my physique.

    Keep on writing stuff, I can't get enough of your blogs. Thought I would mention that again.

    Posted by **JEAN** on October 26, 2007 - Friday - 10:34 PM