Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Movie Sequels We All Want to See

I was talking to a friend the other day and, as usual, the topic of conversation shifted to comic books (we're both comic dorks) and to movies (also both movie geeks). Given the current slate of movies out there, sequels and trilogies came up. And while we agree that most films should just be left alone (The Matrix), many deserve sequels.

And so, a list of sequels that you know we all want to see (oh, yes, you know it).

DMD2. Think about it... Morgan Freeman going all psycho, digging up Jessica Tandy, and then working out his psychoses by driving around a dead woman. In fact, that could be the title: Driving Miss Daisy 2: Driving Around a Dead Woman. Catchy? Yep. Intriguing? Oh, fuck yeah. Blockbuster hit? Hollywood, you'd better listen.

Star Wars: Episode Seven: Revenge of the Cloned Returned Jedi. Come on, now... only morons (all billion+ of them) were actually satisfied with the prequel trilogy. We need a good movie, not written or directed by George Lucas, to rid the bad taste in the mouths of people who actually have more than half a brain. Besides, now that Harrison Ford has practically disappeared from the big screen (Indiana Jones notwithstanding), what the fuck are any of the original cast doing?

ET2. It's been how many years since that little long-necked fucker went home? Well, come on back, dickhead. I know you're craving some Reese's.

My Big Fat Greek Divorce. Admit it, the original charmed the shit out of you. And, hell, it grossed more than $240 million domestically. How about we add a charming, funny, touching, and totally realistic ending and find out how the two split their estate?

War of the Worlds 2. Not the greatest Spielberg film, but I really want to find out exactly how a space-faring alien race could be so stupid as to not figure in bacteria and viruses in their galaxy-conquering plan.

Gone With the Wind 2. Yeah, I know about that Scarlett TV movie, but we need a proper theater sequel. One in which a pissed off Rhett shows back up, bitch slaps Scarlett, and sues her for half of Tara. Oh, and says the line, "I lied, I do sort of give a damn."

Feel free to post your own suggestions.


  1. Hmmm...

    I would like a new "Jaws" that could erase the bad memories of parts 3 & 4.

    Maybe a Ferris Bueller sequel where he tries to get a day off of work? ... Maybe not...

    heck... maybe I am the wrong person to comment on this... I am still hoping for a Friday the 13th: Parts 12 and eventually 13... Just so those "urban legends" from when I was 12 could come true...

    Yes, I am a geek on many levels

    Posted by Joe on June 7, 2007 - Thursday - 8:55 AM

  2. I, Robot 2: Will Smith and his wise-cracking robot detective partner. Listen to the last scene of I,R and you can hear the sequel groundwork being laid. I'm serious!

    A friend and I dreamt up a *prequel* to 28 Days Later the other day... :)

    Master and Commander 2: I'm serious about this one, I want another one!

    Jaws 5: enough said

    Twister 2: Hurricane Alley

    Wizard of Oz 2: This time it's personal.

    Independence Day 2: all those wrecked city crushing spaceships are salvaged and the parts used for our new orbital defense platforms Hee!

    hmm...I'm out for now....

    Posted by Geoffry on June 7, 2007 - Thursday - 12:02 AM