Thursday, March 15, 2007

What a Day, Week, Month, Year (So Far)

Whew. Some of you know why I just wrote that, most of you don't. I know I'm pretty open about myself on this blog, but I think those that know and those that don't will remain who they are for the time being. I squeezed by something that was a make or break point today... by the skin of my teeth. I quite literally went against all professional advice, stuck to my gut, met the obstacle head-on, and... well, whew.

Let me repeat that for good measure. Whew.

One more time... HOLY SHIT. Whew. What a fucking day.

On that note, what a week. In the last seven days, I've rewritten and rewritten a short script that I've been unofficially commissioned to rewrite and rewrite; I've been to Manhattan to see Phantom of the Opera; I've been studying and learning my new job based out of Dallas; I've been preparing to greenlight a short film production; I've been, well, whew.

Long-time readers of my egomaniacal blog remember that 2006 was unequivocally the worst year of my life, and while 2007 had strong signs of being much, much better (indeed, even maybe considered "good"), it is only now that things are finally falling into place.

I'm headed to Europe no less than three times later this year; I'm finally hard-scheduled to move back to Los Angeles; I've fixed my credit; I'm involved in several film and television projects (some paid, some volunteer); I'm in the best health of my life (my resting pulse is 15-20 beats per minute slower than a year ago); and I'm walking around with a smile on my face.

And, as an added bonus, I finally found a hair stylist in this dirthole I'm stuck in who knows what to do with my crappy hair.

Hair is important, don't laugh.

Thanks are in order to many people. They know who they are. My friends, my family, my coworkers, my Muse, my cats, my dogs, my readers (my editors, basically, not my blog readers... but I guess I can thank most of you, too).

So far, 2007 is the year of the whew... and the wow.

Rock 'n roll.


  1. I don't laugh; speaking as someone who's almost pure-blooded Irish with famously untamable Jewlockish hair (when it gets long) I can completely understand and relate to the quandry of a hairstylist. My skater friends and hiphop contacts might giggle when I get all thrilled at finding a decent stylist (re: "That sounds kinda faggotish, sir"), but someone who really *understands* how to decently do your hair can make or break you in social settings. The sad reality (as I'm sure you can attest to, man) is that first impressions in business (and surely show business is one like any other) can oftentimes make or break whether people are enthused at the idea of working with you. On a personal level, good hair is something that helps with the lady-folks as well. So no, I don't laugh at all and congrats on finding someone who can do something with yours.

    Also: per the question on the treatment---the work is going slower than I'm happy with. It's not a matter of getting it out; I've been distracted with work. The executive director of my job took seriously a proposal I submitted suggesting a way to triple our profits by utilizing (for lack of a better term) a sort of library-like "card-catalogue", except in digital form. I'm in charge of implementing the entire design I've proposed (which I'm hoping will get me a writeup from the local rag here, the Observer, if you remember it) and a fairly significant bonus which'll give me some breathing room to finish the treatment up (i.e., a good week off). It sounds relatively simple, but involves the construction of a wireless network for something the size of the super Wal-Mart off Skibo Rd, designing an internal paperwork trail that matches the inventory, creating as well an ease-of-use system for our employees (who aren't computer literate) that doesn't mess with the archive AND coming up with an online ordering system (I'm investigating options on PayPal) for our warehouse.

    And they want a final draft proposal in a week. Awesome. It's sort of like designing an entire WalMart framework for digital inventory PLUS remembering to make it simple enough that a child could use. Also, I'm responsible for pricing and technical specs on whatever computer system I can design for the company. So that's why writing has sort of taken a backseat at the moment. Finishing this system would allow me to put that bullet-point like comment in my Microsoft Word resume that I "increased company profits by 300%" that looks SO nice when you apply to real jobs that aren't in the non-profit sector.

    I'm very glad to hear you're doing so well for yourself. If I might offer a blessing, I hope that it continues and that the success you've worked so hard for in the last two years bears fruit through professional and personal accolades as you deserve. You're a hard worker; I foresee nothing but good things, mon ami.


    Give 'em hell, Jeff.


    Posted by Dante on March 19, 2007 - Monday - 2:30 AM

  2. Glad to hear things are coming together for you.

    Posted by Joe on March 15, 2007 - Thursday - 12:53 PM