Monday, March 12, 2007


So I went to New York City last Friday. And so I came back Sunday night. So I had a blast. A fun, if abbreviated time. And thanks to the timing I realized one thing: daylight savings time needs to go away.

But first, a brief spiel about New York.

I had a strange flight there, that's for sure. I flew from Reno-Tahoe to Sea-Tac first, which is a little odd. At Sea-Tac, I ran into a friend from the Army that I hadn't seen nor heard from since 2003, which was a little odd. And then flew a little over five hours to Kennedy. Even though I began my journey at 5 AM, Pacific Standard Time, I didn't arrive at my hotel in Times Square until nearly midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

That's right, my hotel in Times Square. The W at Times Square to be more specific. Those of you who know will probably be supremely jealous. Those of you who don't... eh, who cares what you think?

There I was greeted by my enemy and friend, Lisa, who looked marvelous in all of the New York glamour, and then I basically went to sleep. Long day, after all.

Saturday was spent roaming around Manhattan, primarily Times Square, but Saturday night was the icing on the cake: kick-ass seats to Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic. Those of you who know... eh, why finish this sentence?

And then, the sour milk to the wine. My departure time from Kennedy was a tad early, to say the least, and I had to catch the airport shuttle at roughly 4:45 AM, Eastern DAYLIGHT Time... which, in reality, was 3:45 Eastern Standard Time. Which meant about three hours of sleep, probably less. Anyway, my damn cell phone didn't switch with the time, so my alarm was useless. In fact, had the service not called Lisa's phone, neither one of us would have made it to the airport.

So, I packed in a matter of seconds, stole all of the Bliss hair and skin-care products out of the bathroom, and hauled ass down to the shuttle.

And yes, I made my flight. My six-hour, cross-country, under-the-jet-stream, boring-ass flight... to Seattle. Yet another weird layover. Whatever, I made it safely, so who cares?

But the point of this pointless blog: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME has to GO.

We're in the communications age, we're approaching another technological revolutionary age, we don't need daylight to function. People are becoming more and more used to operating on 24-hour clocks... FUCK DST!

Studies show barely a 1% savings in energy consumption, and other factors are less than significant as well. It's retarded, it screws people up, mother nature doesn't do it, why the fuck should we?

And it came close to screwing up my New York trip.


I'm done now.

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